mahou sensei negima

this is one awesome manga!!! the only problem i have with it is that a 14 year old girl falls in love with a ten year old…eeewwwww….its like me falling in love with my 10 year old cousin…*vomits* but i like all the action and fighting and humor. pure awesomeness.

but the art is so great, i love it >_< the body proportions are just right. the boobs aren’t shaped like torpedos and they aren’t huge, so thats great.

ken akamatsu…he is awesome. he is one great mangaka. i don’t care, everyone should be able to guess this. ken akamatsu was a hentai artist, not hard to figure out. you know…with all those stuff happening, and of course, who can forget love hina!

i wish he could teach me to draw manga >_<

* theres a manga university in japan!!!!!!!!!! eeekkk, i wanna go so bad!! too bad i don’t know how to speak japanese…


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