the first week of school

okay. so far, lowell is alright. with some mean teachers and some nice teachers. at first i had a full schedule, from 7:35 AM to 3:30 PM. my first class was chinese 3, which is sophmore level of chinese. my lunch period was 9th period, which practically meant it was non-existant. so i took my two free periods to eat lunch. i had to make my own lunch since lunch didn’t start until eleven, and that is my first off period. then on my empty seventh period lunch ended and no food was left to be served.

i’ve switched chinese class to chinese 5 honors, which is for juniors. i dropped my chinese 3 from first period and added chinese 5h to seventh period. so now i have the late scheldule. from 8:20AM to 3:30. although i would like it very much if i had the early schedule. if i did, i could visit my old school.

well. here’s a story…

on my second day of school. the morning came and my alarm clock rang. i turned it off and went back to sleep. when i woke up, it was 10 minutes before my first class started. i rushed through morning, skipping breakfast at the same time, and not making my lunch. (oy, and when i come home and finish homework, my dad tells me to sleep). i made it to school, running as fast as i can, lugging my backpack extremely heavy backpack with me. i made it to school thirty minutes late. luckily my teacher didn’t yell at me. but she was the nicest of all teachers. my chinese 3 teacher, ms. ong. (TT_TT i left her class…)

the teachers grade monsters


i’ve learned what we are going to learn already. but it’ll work out since i probably forgot everything. my biology teacher is the kind of person who tries hard to become interesting to the class. i think i have had the same trouble, trying to teach preschoolers to read. so i concluded she was nice. first two days she wore a suit (i think you call it that for a woman). but then on the third day she wore normal clothes. like a polo and khaki pants. i really do think she will be an excellent teacher.

registration (or reg)

i have ms. mantusek (im not really sure). she is the type that tries to be nice, but still has a gleam of “strict”, and i-dont-like-my-job in her eyes. oh well, we don’t do much in her classes anyways.

free period

i spend my time at the courtyard with a friend of mine. we talk about anything that comes up, and she does her geometry homework. i eat my lunch and buy cookies from the lunchroom.


our teacher is mr. axt. i think he is not fit to be a teacher. we can never hear what he is saying. and he always talks about his experiences with famous people who were his friends. or he talks about his past experiences. we never get to do any activity unless a subsitute comes, or there is a fitness test. but i know he is trying his best to be the “special” teacher. meaning he wants to be popular among the students. he tries to be “nice”, and does things the other gym teachers don’t. its annoying, because all we did for the whole week, in gym, was sit.

language arts

my language arts teacher is mr. lamarre. if he shaves his thin beard and wears a black leather coat he would look like the teacher(or whatever) in battle royale II, the movie with real people performing, not the manga. his voice is monotonous, but i won’t fall asleep in his class. he intimidates me, because anyone who is larger than me and looks me in the eye, i get intimidated. and boy does he look me in the eye a lot. but he connects with his student. i think he is a neutral teacher. i can’t “decipher” how he is. and his own issues do not interfere with his teaching. so i like him as a teacher, he is a good teacher. but a few bad things are that he seems to think too much about things, and interprets a lot of points in a story/novel. that makes me a bit uneasy about what to say as to answering his questions. and he creeps me out…in the rapist-stalker kind of way, but i know he isn’t since he has a daughter.

modern world

my teacher for history is mr. raznikov. he is a good teacher too. he is very enthusiastic about his job and seems like he likes his job very much. he seems to be the type that wants the student to learn in a fun way, but be very strict on attitude. well, i won’t be bored in his class. although he looks like a chicken to me, okay, i’ll be nicer, a rooster. he seems the type who wants his students to pay attention and learn things but have fun, well, fun in his terms. (i just repeated something i said earlier >_<) lets just say he tries to be a good teacher.

chinese 5h

omigah!! i have been waiting to write on this period for a long long time. my teacher is ms. pang. i don’t think she is a good chinese teacher. she demands a lot, but she doesn’t teach a whole lot either. for one, she speaks english most of the time, and we are learning chinese, that won’t help us at all. and secondly, she needs to study more, because just ’cause she says she “thinks so”, doesn’t mean it’s true. she should know her pupils will think it’s true. she should study china more. one, she dissed squat toilets and said the sanitary issues are different in china, as if the toilets were really really dirty. but truth is, squat toilets are the cleanest of all the toilets. american toilets are unsanitary. if bacteria can enter your pores, that thin sheet of toilet seat cover won’t help you keep the old pee bacteria from your butt.(i <33 squat toilets). and three, she is one really extremely biased teacher. the most biased i’ve seen in my whole life!!she is very mean and dislikes the chinese people from my old school learning chinese, but likes white people learning chinese. she praises the white person who knows chinese, but just disses the chinese, like we’re arrogant rich people or something. oh yes…her personality as a teacher. she tries to make learning easier by saying one character looks like that, and she would say, “i think they wrote this character like this, because _blank_ looks like its doing _blank_ with its _blank_” or “this radical plus this character i think means-”


i have mr. gribler. he has a british accent. and he can never tuck his shirt in the right way. by friday, he gave up tucking in his shirt and just let it hang out like an oversized t-shirt. i can definetly see he wants his student to accel in math, and try to be a teacher that is “good” in the terms of teaching (as in wanting his student to understand and not memorize what they are learning). although, i can also see he does not enjoy his job. he rarely smiles. and i also think that he, in his mind, thinks that he can be doing another job with a higher pay. but i think he could do it if he had more confidence in himself. he looked like a sad wreck and i felt sad for him. but, i am probably wrong about this one. well, for one thing, i think he is bored and tired from his job.

well, thats it!! thats my day… then i ride the extremely crowded bus home. the bus full of body heat, and sometimes BO. but no groping is going on…thank god.

sorry if i sound like an arrogant bitch here…but thats the way i am. i just like judging people and figuring out their personalities. it makes me feel smarter. >_<


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