Second Week of School ::Day One::

okay, i didn’t get much sleep. and it didn’t help at all hearing the fire alarm ring all night. i had to tell my dad to stop watching TV and turn the stove off. GAHHHH!!!! that used so much of my sleeping time!!!! >_<!!!

okay, at school, people were taking other people’s lockers. i was one of the victims. i took another person’s locker, because someone took mine. i was gonna have to take home six textbooks!!! GRRRRRR!!! the homeroom teacher said that the people who have the lockers that arent theirs will have their lock cut at the end of the day, so i took all my books out from the “stolen” locker. but nyoooooo, i went and carried ALL my books throughout the day!!!! then i found out that they were going to cut the locks tomorrow. that pisses me off so bad…so i just took another locker. TT_TT.

i was sooo tired today too…i fell asleep during math class, and that is like my last period. the teacher asked me a question out of the book. i had no idea what was going on. so i guessed false…and it was right!!!!! never will i drink 100% carbonated water again. and i’ll try sleeping earlier!!!

 yays!!! i finished my first resource session.


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