week two ::end::

okay…second time typing this…>_<…so pissed. it won’t save correctly. okay. summing up my second week, i’ll only say the important stuffs.

we had actual gym, because there was a sub. and also, we will be having gym on monday!! we will actually run with our original teacher.

i fell asleep in math every single day!!! >_<!! three times during important notes, once during a test. ahhh, i really need my sleep huh?? i tried so hard…

AMANDA GOTS MASSIVE BO. its like a crowded bus with a hobo on it, and the bus was stuffed with socks from some guy who has athlete’s foot, plus a fat guy’s shoes, and sweat, and you get amanda’s smell.

ermm, i think thats all…yahhs

and i made new friends!!!

oooh, and being in a class full of juniors isn’t that bad. they’re very nice there. im the only freshman there though >_<.

and also there was this person in my chinese class that is a junior and i think that he is a funny person, and i also think that he is very cute (and not the teddy bear way too[-ish])


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