Gunslinger girl

okaee, i finally got my Gunslinger Girl DVD collection!!! i finished it in one day!!!

my thoughts…i liked it. the personalities developed quite well concidering there is only 15 episodes. i feel so sad for Elsa TT_TT. i think Rico is “innocent” since she is in the welfare so she can do things by herself and get out of the hospital, a bit greedy, but if i were her, i’d do the same. then i think henrietta is the most emotional, or should i say…protective?? nah, all of them are protective. well, i think she thinks the most. then angelica is sad too, she died in the end…TT_TT. saddest ending ever. claes was sad too, all her testing and her handler dying. but she is one strong girl. triela is like a teacher, someone the girls can look up to.

although, the gunshot sounds are a bit weird. i like the series though. so sad. makes me all emotional in the end.

i like the opening song, its so dynamic!!! XD


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