week four ::day three::

well. not very much to say, but time sure does go fast.

welp. Rai made me happy today ^^. here, its a conv. in the girls locker room after PE:

[she was talking about mean people and people she hate]

me: welp, i feel really sad when people hate me. like when helen said people called me a bitch.

rai: well no one can stay mad at you vir.

[short huh??]

welp, that made me really happeee XD. joined japanese club XD!!!

PS hayden is a senior =o. i thought he was a junior…TT_TT i have no chance now.


oh yessss….

my birthday is coming up. its actually in a month, but better say this before i forget. the day before my birthday is a friday (my birthday is October 21st) i will go to club. i think i’ll wear something new and ask someone to french-braid me. yups. then i’ll go pretty pretty. wish i could have a party though XD


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