week four ::weekend saturday::

okaee…so, today i was planning to go to fellowship, but my friend called and i chose to go to the moon festival with her, along with severalof other friends.

the moon festival was in Chinatown. we were first in a shop where they sold purses, wallets, toys, mischellaneous things. then we went walking a little, then ended up in a store that sold candy, fish eggs, cake, ice cream, smoothies, and tapioca, plus some few other junk foods. i bought green tea ice cream. it was good ^^. then i went to club with kim and tiff, split from sammi and taylor and chris. i was sitting on the steps with tiff and kim. taylor came so kim and him started to shoot hoops. tiff went away and i was left on the stairs, so i was watching kim and taylor shoot hoops. also, before taylor came kim gave me a stuffed turtle beanie as my birthday present. it only costed a dollar, but i think it is worth it. i rode the bus home with tiff.

i named my turtle “Iro” (ee-rlo [curl the “r” of iro])


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