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liar liar pants on fire >=(

well. one word to describe her : liar

yes. she’s a liar. not a very good one though…

so, to entertain you i will tell you about her lies, and a bit about her. but since i don’t feel like any good is going to come out of telling you her name, she’ll be known as “rai” here. well, rai in japanese sounds like “lie”, so…you see where i’m going.

rai to my friend’s class: i’ve met the last emperor of china before.

the class: wow (they didn’t really believe it)

my friend: didn’t he die already?

rai: oh, i met him when i was a baby.

(if only i was in that class with them. i’ve studied the emperors of the last dynasty before, and the last emperor, puyi henry, died 1967.)

 my gym class…

rai to a group of people:yeah, i wrote a 742 page novel

person1: wow.

person2: whoa.

person3: damn.

me: i don’t believe you. when?

rai: remember?? seventh grade, the novella?? (note: novella is a short novel)

me: we had only one week to do it though! and he restricted it to ten pages.

rai: oh, mr. will gave me three weeks notice. for extra credit. andrew did it too.

me: what?! why didn’t you tell me?!

rai: you didn’t ask.

me: right…i still don’t believe you.

(to explain why i still didn’t believe her: a few minutes before she said she was in 5 volleyball teams, 3 basket ball teams, and in junior olympic tennis team. that was a lie too. because i know for a fact that her whole schedule would be very full from all the practices. that would leave her no time and no energy to write in hand a novel that is 742 pages, in three months. think about it. 9 teams, nine one hour practices at the least in one week. by the way. she took the junior olympics idea from greg. he was attending the swimming junior olympics.)

lies/bad stuff without long stories i tell:

  • in an arranged marriage
  • changed her a- to a+. a D to a B+
  • cried in front of a teacher to change a B to a A (might be a lie)
  • she goes around, like she is the coolest smartest person, saying things like, “oh yeah, i can manipulate my counseler and mr. mcD and the principal. its so easy!!” like i was a dumb git. oh ho, now she can’t change her grades anymore, its computerized now. *evil grin*

this one is hilarious:

rai to another one of my friends: so, im related to the emperor of china. (this was probably in response to someone saying something amazing)

my friend: really….

(me later when my friend told me: she can’t since the emperor didn’t have any descendants. and also….isn’t she british?(born in hongkong when it belonged to britain)

i’ll update more stuff on rai when it comes up, just to entertain you.