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Watashi wa…

I have a site that can help me upload my art now.If you want to see, its at:

Hope you’ll take a peek ^^


::my art::

okay, i drew the following…

when i was emo this is in color. its really plain though. no shadowing. just novice work.

my drawing XD

its a small part from “The Enchanted Garden”. that was a nice short story.

Sakiyuki. a recent japanese noodle type thingy. looks really good. so i was inspired the draw this…XD

although i have some ink bleed-through on the other side…-.-;

a short scene…

i messed it all up by resizing it wrong…>_<

and there ends the adventures of Baka Boy. XD.


my logo =)



week three ::day one::

well. i actually got to have gym today. we got to run, but only one lap. that sucks. i am sooo gonna get fat. okay…in the beginig the teacher was like, “this is only your warm-up!” pointing to soccerballs. we ended up warming up all period. that is just “nuckin’ futs”.

first chinese test!!! hope i aced it!!!!

first history quiz. aced it!!

now really… its not fair that there isn’t simpsons on mondays at seven thirty.

oohh. and i’ve decided to try to make some short manga based on novellas in my english textbook. maybe i’ll be able to finish some now!! and if i finish it, i might scan it for you to see ^^

there is also a new student in my chinese class. he might be from shanghai, im not sure, and i don’t know if he is a freshman or junior or sophmore. might have to ask him some questions, haha.

and again. i’m falling alseep in math. somebody please help me!! (no coffee please). even though i fall asleep in math, i still manage to get the questions my teacher ask me, right.