friends and AFY class of ’06

okay, so here i’m going to list some all of my friends and what did for me. some won’t really be my friends, it might just be they did something to change me…screw that, i’ll just write one or two sentences about them ^^: 

  • nathan: just because a person is an asshole, doesn’t mean he can fight
  • audrey: she is just so funny, and you can make her laugh so easily. and i learned the half phrase, “took things for granted”
  • elroi: just because a person is always mean to you, doesn’t mean he is not sympathetic
  • cliff: just because you are short, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be mean to you
  • liane: a good friend, and quite reliable. and flexible too >_<
  • sarah: some people are born to be bitches, but they can change in to nice people
  • shirley: just because you never talk to them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t your friends too
  • taylor: no matter who you are, afy people are nice (except tiff. P)
  • deanna: you will never know who thinks of you as a true friend
  • tiff:you may change what you think about a person when you get to know them better.
  • tori: be nice to everyone and everyone will be nice to you
  • jacq: say you love everyone and everything will be fine…oi,im gettin sleepy…
  • alex: you don’t have have good grades to be smart. and you don’t need to show teacher weapons to make them think you’re psychotic. no one notices a weapon when you hide it in you’re backpack. knowing a person’s secret and making a person fear you will give you total control over the person.
  • monica: taught me to be optimistic. and she is so awesome >_<
  • jin-ann: taught me that beingsexually harassed will push you into rage and give you super strength to rip apart the person who touched you
  • ray: he taught me that mr. nice guy never gets a GF TT_TT (like in chobits)but he is one awesome person. so nice to people.
  • daisy: opera really strengthen’s you’re voice
  • atti: no matter how skinny, people’s BO is unlimited
  • emma: its possible to make have everyone like you
  • jack: a person reall can look like an animal. in his case, a mouse
  • andrew: i can be a real pain in the ass sometimes
  • wittie: everyone can be nice sometimes
  • grace: afy people are very welcoming
  • kary: support the dorks
  • greg: i wish i can be as funny as him, and swim like him
  • auggie: i can’t believe i was mad at him for breaking my fav. pencil
  • zoe: you can bleach your hair
  • henry: funnee funnee person
  • jared: so annoying you appriciate other people for not being like him
  • alden: people can naturally stink without doing any exercise
  • tiff p: you can never have too many shoes when its a small size for cheaper price
  • jonas: never ever let psychotic people know who you like and your secrets
  • jeff: even if a person is mean on the outside, they are nice when you know them for five years
  • amanda: always make lies make sense
  • nick: i need to loose arm flab
  • lauren: elbows to the jaw really hurt
  • ah vee: i am not an otaku, and i will never say an anime guy is hot *shiver*
  • dion: pimples disappear after some time, but BO does not
  • sammi: my first best friend, and first best friend for five years, and first best friend to live extremely close to. awesomeness person.
  • kim: most awesome friend you can meet. brave and not greedy (exact opposite of me)
  • chris: mushrooms can become fobs
  • karen: you can do whatever you set your mind to
  • judith: its out of the ordinary for people to be preppy in AFY
  • jaco: just because a person is ugly, doesn’t mean they aren’t funny.
  • jackie: he gave me wallpapers printed out!!! shorter than jeff, but older than me…
  • doris: she’s very funny when she wants to be
  • brandon: saved my ass when i didn’t see that car coming
  • galen: people in china think he is hot >_<
  • andrea: short people are awesome!!!
  • helen: never ever ask someone if they are going to get a nosejob when they grow up

annnnnd thats all 50 people in the class of ’06 in AFY


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