::my art::

okay, i drew the following…

when i was emo this is in color. its really plain though. no shadowing. just novice work.

my drawing XD

its a small part from “The Enchanted Garden”. that was a nice short story.

Sakiyuki. a recent japanese noodle type thingy. looks really good. so i was inspired the draw this…XD

although i have some ink bleed-through on the other side…-.-;

a short scene…

i messed it all up by resizing it wrong…>_<

and there ends the adventures of Baka Boy. XD.


my logo =)




::new manga::

okaaaeee…so my attempts of making manga don’t work. but i got inspired by a short story, so maybe if i have time i will.

week four ::day four::


syyyooo, at Lowell so far…

the next dance is the 29th of September. which is next week.

and we’ve got a perverted FOB freshman. he’s taking pics of what’s under girl’s skirts. i dont have to worry though. i don’t wear dresses or skirts.

more Junior and Senior friends.

i think i’m going to be the only active member at cooking club though. i want to improve the club. you know…like buying an oven so we can bake cookies, cakes, souffles, the works. i pity the club though, they can only make so little. like, we did root beer float today,then we’re doing fondue next. then probably smores. if only there were less people joined then we could make better food. maybe someday we can make a fund-raiser where we bake things at home, then sell it. the money that is earned will be saved to buy an oven. also, donations will help =).

now…japanese club was interesting. a little boring though…

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